About Bill Caddy


Bill’s Story

For 15 years I worked in EMS as an EMT and firefighter. I saw some of the most horrific things a person can go through. I always knew I wanted to help people and I thought I had found my niche. In August of 2016, I had a stroke that changed my life. I lost a lot of mobility on the left side and I knew I probably wouldn’t be returning to my chosen field.

I have also always been an avid photographer, mostly landscapes and nature but I knew I still wanted to help people. During the last couple of years as an EMT I started photographing people and I found that I truly enjoyed it. As my photography career started to blossom I wanted to still make a difference in people’s lives and I began to focus on bodyscapes and boudoir, both niches that helped people see who they were and how beautiful they are through my lens and not a reflection of what they see in the mirror.

Meet Bill

I have always been the type to help out when I can and do whatever I can to help others when they needed it. If you look back at my yearbook it says that I want “to help people in times of trouble.”

I still do that, just not in the way that I envisioned when I was 17. I have three wonderful sons, two granddaughters, four dogs, and four cats and I can’t imagine life without them. It has been my honor and privilege to be blessed with a fantastic family and the opportunity I’ve had to be able to make a difference in so many people’s lives, both in EMS and as a photographer.

I think that being a boudoir photographer is truly about helping people (mostly women) see themselves in a new, better frame of light. Boudoir isn’t about pornography or intimidation or body-shaming or any number of things. It’s about women building their confidence in themselves to reach out and live life to the fullest, to reach for their goals and believe that they have the power to achieve everything they want without anyone else’s approval. It’s about who they are at this moment in their lives and how beautiful they are inside and out.


Bill Caddy

Founder, Photographer & CEO