Best Damned Gift you can Give YOURSELF

Boudoir is almost always about confidence and seeing yourself for who you are, not as you are in the critique mirror. Usually women critique themselves, down to the smallest detail, ie.: too fat, gray hair, wrong build, stretch marks, too skinny, boobs are too small, etc.

Boudoir is about seeing yourself through someone else’s eyes, or in this case, lens. My lens. If you’re here you already have thought about it, at least a little. You’ve probably told yourself that you’ll get a session after… after you lose 10 lbs, after you get your hair dyed, after the kids are grown, … … … after.

I’m here to tell you that the time is now. It’s about finding the strength to push through your doubts and fears, to accept the fact that you can love yourself, now, for who you are now. Discovering that self love is one of the most rewarding, confidence boosting moments you will ever experience in your life. It can be life altering.

boudoir is life altering

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